Quiet forest

Poster printed digitally on beautiful 270 gsm paper with fine structure. Originally created with aquarelle. Size 440 x 315.

Silence is a motif that has accompanied me and my work from the beginning. It's a beautiful topic because it's not clear at all. As I see / hear it, in its greatest strength, it does not exist at all. Many scenes have occurred to me, but this very safe leidmotif, such as the dark ancient forest and the passing pilgrim, is an archetype for silence. When I walk through the sleeping forest myself and hear the silence, I find that there is no silence at all, that nothing actually sleeps. It doesn't even have to be night. The presence of trees around, beings sinking underground and out of the moss, is a silence that is not exist. And also, when we surround ourselves with silence, we finally have the opportunity to meet all our thoughts that sleep behind the noise.

420.00 Kč