Man who collected cans

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A small book that tells the story of a man who collects cans all over Ireland, sells them and then buys trees from them and plants them.

He organizes Tree Walks with friends, several months long marches in Ireland, where people travel in horse-drawn carriages or rivers and plant trees in the wider region.

I know the man, I lived with him for a few weeks and helped him. So I decided to paint his life and mission the way I remember everything from my memories and how strongly his personality affected me.

Only in the end was the book created, which has only a few pages, but many are engraved in them.

On each page, his story is told by a two-page illustration and a text written by me.

The book is then wrapped in a map that shows one of the Tree Walk paths.

Illustrations are painted watercolor themed on discarded cartons and boxes, printed digitally on natural paper of greater weight and hand-bound. There are a total of nine two-page illustrations in the book.

So far printed in eight copies, there are four left for sale, dedicated and signed by me.

Thank you, may your book be pleased and inspired ...

Plant trees!

A5 format

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